Our Technology

The combination of CRISPR with a mature database of genomic understanding, and a powerful machine learning application, allows TreeCo to edit multiple genes in trees of interest. The CRISPR technology has revolutionized medicine, agriculture and biotechnology and is poised to fundamentally empower foresters to breed a healthier and more sustainable forest.

Target Selection

TreeCo’s model begins with desired commercial traits, such as lower lignin or S/G ratio. The species is examined for genetic instructions and processed through TreeCo’s proprietary Machine Learning Program. After processing through tens of thousands of permutations, we statistically examine the genes suggested for target and begin the design for CRISPR Cas insertion.


From the machine learning experience, TreeCo designs the method of delivery. Knowing exactly what will work most efficiently is probably the most challenging aspect of the journey, but TreeCo has demonstrated efficiencies in some species as high as 94%.

Elite Germplasm

TreeCo works with elite germplasm to ensure the very best trees are enhanced genetically at speed and scale impossible using conventional techniques. Starting with elite commercial germplasm enables genetic improvement of the most desirable genotypes.

Delivery & Regeneration

Once edits occur in some cells, the team ensures regeneration of healthy edited clones that are nurtured towards a path to the greenhouse. Our proprietary know-how in tissue culture is applicable to range of commercial species of interest.

Commercial Traits

Edited trees are grown in the greenhouse to test the impact of the altered genotypes on the corresponding phenotypes and validate machine learning informed predictions.


Traditional Tree Breeding

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CRISPR Technology

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