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Our Unique Work & Team

TreeCo was formed in 2019 through the meeting of founders Jack Wang and Rodolphe Barrongou. Forestry met CRISPR and the combination was amazing. CRISPR enhancements to food were ten years old at this point. Agriculture was very prolific; crops were protected from everything from pests to frost. Enhancing trees became the next step. TreeCo blends the long history of forestry with the power of genome editing.


Our Team

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Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Jack Wang

Jack is the Director of the Forest Biotechnology Group at NCSU and a molecular geneticist. His group has produced more than 10,000 genetically enhanced trees catalogued with improved features over ten years. His lab is versed in strategic CRISPR-based genome editing of trees and he pioneered the predictive model that is at the heart of the molecular design for wood products.

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Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Rodolphe Barrangou

Rodolphe is a professor at NC State University where he runs the CRISPR lab. He has developed novel genome editing technologies and deployed them across the tree of life in industry and academia.


Our Scientific Board

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Ron Sederoff

Ron has had a distinguished career in forestry as the Edwin F. Conger Professor Emeritus: and Distinguished University Professor of Forestry and Environmental Resources North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC.

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Vincent Chiang

Vincent is an authoritative thought leader in forestry as the Jordan Family Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Alumni Outstanding Research Professor with the Forest Biotechnology Group.

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Charles Gersbach

Charlie, professor at Duke University, is a pioneer in development of genome editing technologies with a unique track of commercialization and entrepreneurship in the space.

Our Facility

Harbored at the heart of North Carolina State University’s Centennial Campus, TreeCo has access to the Forest Technology Group lab and greenhouses, and a compelling network of local experts in tree genetics, machine learning, plant delivery, and pulp and paper economics.

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